So for a long, long time now I have wanted to start a Youtube channel, mainly for the pure love of being creative and making content that hopefully people will like watching and want to keep coming back to watch more. However, like everyone, theres always that little bit of doubt in your mind; “will people like me, will I be boring, will I get a lot of online hate?”.. These are all questions that went through my head. Personally, this was a choice that I had to bite the bullet, take the plunge and just do it!

I think firstly I had to choose what kind of content I wanted to create to make sure that I would start a channel that was authentically me and how I want to be portrayed. Like most people that put themselves in the media, they want to be shown as real as possible, without people thinking they are fake, so I have based my channel around fashion and beauty. I will be focusing on look-books, hauls (which I LOVE watching), beauty tutorials and my routine/tips, but also when I get more confident I want to be able to show my gym workouts and show more of my life and the everyday things, through vlogs or day in the life videos. 

Luckily, coming from a photography background I already have some equipment, including a Ring light that I got from Ebay ( however this doesn’t come with the light stand included so I actually bought a table top light stand from Amazon, as my set up will normally always have my light at my desk ( The camera I will currently be using is my Nikon D750, which is an amazing camera, its full frame and takes incredible shots, shoots HD video and captures sound very well without an additional microphone. However, at some stage I will be investing in a smaller Compact System Camera, just so that it is a lot easier for my to have my camera on the go with me if i ever wanted to shoot content or vlog.. or even just to take Instagram shots on the go..

(If anyone has an recommendations on camera please do let me know!)

This is a very new and exciting industry for me to be starting but one thing I have had worries about is whether it is too saturated with so many people trying to do the same thing. Although, for me this is something that I am testing more of as a hobby and something to fill my spare time and for me to really put my creative energy into. 

If anyone else has any tips for me starting my channel or to do with equipment then please let me know! And if anyone has Youtube leave your links down in the comments and I will be sure to check them out and give a follow! Please check out my channel and if you like my content please give it a thumbs up and subscribe!!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 22.35.01

You can follow my link to my channel here:






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