I have been obsessed with researching the current trends of 2017, with many obvious trends carrying through from 2016. ASOS is an amazing site for current styles, with various brands all in one place, huge sales and great promotions, which is why this makes it such a popular website!

According to, some of the top trends faucets for this Spring/Summer season are deconstructed shirts with inspiration from Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang, Tulle & Modern ruffles – which can add such a feminine, girly touch to an outfit, and Skewed Skirt Hemlines – layering and asymmetric hems are a must have this season!

I feel like Spring is a time for fashion to always follow a more pastel toned palette, with my favourite colours for this season being pale blueish grey tones, nude blush pinks, khaki/sage green, and bright whites.. A very minimalist style but is so effective for looking fresh this spring!

Below are a few of my favourite picks for the season, let me know what your favourite trends are this Spring!

7199869-1-nude   7374555-1-blush

7504039-1-khaki   plt

5518136-1-black   6901241-4

7214007-1-pink   7255471-1-black

7517948-3   7550372-1-blue

7588983-4   asos

im   image1x

image1xl   sm



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