Since about the age of 17, Ive had an ‘on/off’ relationship with the gym..

Ive always been a very motivated person, but something has always seemed to get in the way like work, University or just daily things in life which have thrown me off my schedule. When I get out of my routine, I find that the one day I was meant to be missing from the gym, turns into having two days off and so on until the point where I completely fall of the wagon!

Like many people at New Years, I set it my goal to make 2017 about having a healthy lifestyle. Less going out drinking and eating anything without caring, to starting (and sticking to) the gym, eating healthy, and just maintaining a clean mind and body – and so far I’ve stuck to it! 

I thought of sharing the top things that got me motived to start back at the gym, so that  anyone who was like me and have let fitness take a back seat for a while or even those trying to make a lifestyle change for 2017, are able to kick start your fitness regime and begin on the path to having a healthy mind, body and life.

1.) SCHEDULE – I have always been the type of person to love having a weekly routine, so that I know what days I’m doing what. Everyone has busy schedules, so making sure that the time you have free during the week is planned out is essential. I work 35 hours per week and have set shifts, so I usually try to go to the gym five days per week. I aim to work out Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.. (Monday & Saturday are just too busy!) This enables me to get motivated to stick to my schedule and plan around the gym instead of having to ‘make time’.

2.) GYM BUDDIES – Personally, I like going to the gym by myself or with friends, I’m fine with either. But I know a lot of you may not want to go by yourself for many reasons, so I think this is a great way to not only make the session fun, but to really boost your confidence in working out. Having someone there with you will really motivate you to complete your sets and push you harder when you think your just too tired to do anymore!

3.) RECORD YOUR PROGRESS – Whether you are hitting the gym for weight loss, just to tone or to make that booty bigger, recording your progress is an amazing way to motivate yourself and make you proud of how hard your working to achieve your goals. I am happy with my weight right now, I just want to improve my athletic ability, tone my body and add mass to my lower half, to essentially make my bottom slightly more rounded and fuller. So when I began going to the gym at the start of the year, I measured the widest parts of my body (bum, boobs, waist)  and noted it down and will do the same each month to check my progress. If you are hitting the gym for weight loss do the same with a tape measure or do a weekly/monthly weigh in instead!

4.) LOOK THE PART – Being fashion conscious, I have always felt better about myself when I have new gym gear, or have a theme to my gym style which usually involves a lot of black. Primark have a lovely new range of very affordable gym clothes and accessories so even if you didn’t want to splurge on expensive gear for the gym, you could get a trainers, a top and leggings for around £20! When at the gym I don’t like going completely bare faced so try to just wear minimal makeup – (Concealer, lip balm, mascara and eyebrow pomade) just to make me feel more confident! I know some of you may be fine wearing whatever you want and going with absolutely no makeup on, however, this is my personal opinion on what motivates me and makes me feel good!

5.) WORKOUT PLAN – Having a workout plan is a ‘must have’ in my opinion to making sure you stick to the gym! I always start out with a cardio warm up, either a step up machine or the treadmill and then move onto weights/resistance training, depending on what body part I am training. Many people like to dedicate each day to a different area of the body (leg day, core day etc) which is a perfect way to start your gym journey!

Hopefully these tips will help you the way they motivated me!!



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  1. Love this! It’s nice to read a different post other than about make-up/beauty! I’ve recently got back into the gym and I’m starting to really enjoy it. You’re tips are great, thank you 🙂 x


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